Decentralized exchange
on Ergo and Cardano

A noncustodial, decentralised exchange that allows a quick, effortless and secure transfer of liquidity between the Ergo and Cardano networks.

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Cross-chain exchange

eUTXO model gives unique possibility to have shared liquidity among different types of exchanges on top of Ergo and Cardano ecosystems.

AMM and Orderbook

Classic AMM on the Ergo ecosystem have already been developed and tested. Decentralized Orderbook coming soon.

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Transparent tokenomics

In ErgoDEX each actor is incentivized to fulfill his role as best as possible. Users benefit from DEX services, Liquidity providers from protocol fees and the DEX benefits from transaction fixed fees.


  • Stage 1. OrderBook DEX: Core development

    • Order Book DEX research and development (Ergo Network)
    • Order Book DEX contracts implementation (Ergo Network)
    • Order Book DEX contracts: public audit (Ergo Network)
    • Order Book Matcher development (Ergo Network)
    • Order Book DEX testing (Ergo Network)
  • Stage 2. AMM DEX: Core development

    • AMM DEX RnD
    • AMM DEX contracts (Ergo Network)
    • AMM DEX contracts: public audit (Ergo Network)
    • AMM DEX Bots (Ergo Network)
    • AMM DEX contracts testing (Ergo Network)
  • Stage 3. AMM DEX: Frontend development

    • JavaScript AMM DEX SDK (Ergo Network)
    • Minimal viable AMM UI (Ergo Network)
    • ErgoDEX UI guidelines
    • AMM UI design
    • Public AMM DEX testing (Ergo Network)
  • Stage 4. ErgoDEX on Cardano. Preparation

    • AMM DEX contracts (Cardano Network)
    • AMM DEX Bots (Cardano Network)
    • JavaScript AMM DEX SDK (Cardano Network)
    • User interface development
  • Stage 5: Cardano Launch

    • Launch ErgoDEX on Cardano testnet
    • Bug fixes and improvements
    • Stable ErgoDEX release on Cardano
  • Roadmap prolongation... Updates soon


  • Team member photo: Ilya Oskin

    Ilya Oskin

    Lead Developer
    Software Engineer, Core Developer of Ergo, Lead Developer at VK, Degree in Economics.
  • Team member photo: Yasha Black

    Yasha Black

    Product Manager
    Ex Product Manager at Ergo, ex JavaScript Developer at VK. Masters degree in management.
  • Team member photo: Timofey Gusev

    Timofey Gusev

    Core Developer
    Software Engineer, Developer at VK, FP enthusiast, ex. Blockchain Core Dev., Degree in cyber security.
  • Team member photo: Alexander Romanovskiy

    Alexander Romanovskiy

    Core Developer
    Software engineer. One of the creators of Encry blockchain and smart contract language Prism. FP enthusiast. Has expertise in cybersecurity. Ergo ecosystem developer.
  • Team member photo: Ruslan Salakhov

    Ruslan Salakhov

    Frontend Lead Developer
    Frontend engineer with 6+ years of dev experience. Expert in low-level JavaScript programming.
  • Team member photo: Denis Kovalev

    Denis Kovalev

    DevOps Engineer
    Broad development and automation experience. Ex. Lead DevOps at VK.
  • Team member photo: Kostya Russkih

    Kostya Russkih

    Product Designer
    Experienced UX/UI Designer in building financial services.
  • Team member photo: Gary Waugh

    Gary Waugh

    Community Manager
    EUTxO Lover and Blockchain enthusiast. Degree in Industrial Automation Engineering.